Contribute data

If you would like to contribute data to be included in OpenTexts.World, please email and for details.

Formats accepted

We can work with MARC21, Dublin Core or CSV (comma-separated) files in the format below. We have also been able to harvest data via OAI-PMH and IIIF discovery, or via custom existing data feeds and APIs.

If your data is in another format, please contact us as we may be able to process and integrate it. We love a challenge!

Comma-separated format

If you are submitting comma separated data please follow the format below. Contact us if you want to include other data/fields that are not represented in the format - we'll try and adapt our tools to accommodate your data.

Repeatable fields must be separated with a '|' pipe.

Heading Content Requirement Repeatable
organisation Unique name of provider Mandatory Not repeatable
So we know which organisation contributed the metadata and content. This info will be displayed in a facet and in the full record display. E.g.: Wellcome Library, National Library of Scotland, HathiTrust.
idLocal Local identifier Mandatory Not repeatable
ID from the local system - so each library can look up their local system if there's a query.
title Title of the work Mandatory Not repeatable
For example MARC 245 $a $b or DC terms:title.
urlMain URL to access the item Mandatory Not repeatable
The URL that is most appropriate for a user to follow to get direct/immediate access to the content. May be in MARC 856 or DC terms:identifier. This will likely be a 'landing page' containing metadata about the item and the item itself.
year Year of publication Desirable Not repeatable
This needs to be numeric and four digits in length as it is used to feed the year filter.
date Date of publication Desirable Not repeatable
Ideally numeric but can be any value. MARC 008 position 7-10 rather than MARC 260 $c - e.g. preferred to 1884 vs ca.1884). May be in DC terms:date.
publisher Publisher Desirable Repeatable
May be in MARC 260 $b, MARC 264 $a, or DC terms:publisher.
creator Creator Desirable Repeatable
Author, editor, creator, organisation - any named person or organisation involved in the creation of the work. May be in MARC 1xx, 7xx and DC terms:creator, DC terms:contributor.
topic Subject or topic Desirable Repeatable
May be in MARC 6xx, and DC terms:subject.
description Description Desirable Repeatable
Description about the content. May be in MARC 5xx or DC terms:description.
urlPDF URL of a PDF Optional Not repeatable
urlIIIF URL to a IIIF manifest Optional Not repeatable
urlPlainText URL to a plain text file Optional Not repeatable
urlALTOXML URL to an ALTO XML file Optional Not repeatable
urlTEI URL to a TEI file Optional Not repeatable
urlOther Other URL(s) Optional Repeatable
If there are other URLs for the content that may be useful - perhaps Google Books URL, or link to the catalogue record of the original.
placeOfPublication Place of publication Optional Repeatable
May be in MARC 260 $a or MARC 264 $a or DC terms:coverage.
licence Licence of the material Optional Not repeatable
May be in MARC 540 or DC terms:rights. For example CC-BY.
idOther Other IDs Optional Repeatable
Other local or external identifiers such as DOIs.
catLink Direct record link Optional Not repeatable
A link to the item in your catalogue or discovery system.
language Item language Optional Not repeatable
May be in MARC 008 position 35-37 and/or MARC 041.[code list] or DC terms:language. Additional default values of 'Not specified' and 'Undetermined'.